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Blue Tech Voices – Craig Fleener of the Alaska Ocean Cluster

The global ocean economy is undergoing a dramatic transformation. New offshore industries such as sustainable offshore aquaculture and offshore renewable energy are rapidly growing while traditional maritime industries like commercial shipping face unprecedented upheaval in the form of new decarbonization regulations, automation, and digitalization. At the same time, the ocean faces unprecedented threats in the form of climate change, pollution, and numerous other stressors.

Hard to believe we’ve hit the 40 year mark here at Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association. We honor our members of the Board of Directors for without their dedication, vision and guidance we cannot succeed. Thank you to Steve Ivanoff, John Lamont, Karen Hadley, Tom Tilden, Phillip Lestenkof, David Bill, Sr., Frank Logusak, Bish Gallahorn, Fred Phillip, Andrew Greene, Paul Ivanoff, Moses Toyukak, Jennifer Williams, Henry Ivanoff, Don Stiles, Willie Goodwin, Gusty Chythlook, Jon Dyasuk, Eugene Smith, Langford Adams, Ragnar Alstrom, Eugene Asicksik, Andy Golia, Billy McCann, Billy Reich, Gorton Ito, Harvey Samuelson, Weaver Ivanoff, Joseph Paniyak, John Jemewouk, Harry Wilde, Martin Gunderson, Dan Nanalook, Sr., William Nicholson, Enoch Shiedt, Calvin Moto, Tim Towarak, Gideon Barr, Garrett Aukon, John, Paul Jones, Mark Roye, Ted Angasan, David Osterback, Ricky Koso, Joseph Chimealgrea, and if I’ve overlooked someone…I sincerely apologize! THANK YOU ALL for your SERVICE to your people, communities and culture!