Fishery Development

The BSFA service area contains communities which seek to optimize their capacity by expanding fisheries, in a responsible manner, economic opportunities. BSFA’s areas of interest are focused on local fishery projects that demonstrate wide-spread support by the majority of community residents. BSFA works to support fishing communities by increasing jobs and training opportunities, and increasing participation in fisheries management. BSFA also works to design programs that increase fishery value and market opportunities for western Alaska.

Fact Sheet 1 Fishery Development

Interdisciplinary Research

In response to salmon declines, BSFA and regional Native organizations joined with state and federal agencies to create the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Sustainable Salmon Initiative (AYK SSI), a proactive science-based program working cooperatively to identify and address the critical salmon research needs facing this region.

Fact Sheet 2 Interdisciplinary Research


BSFA staff and board members act as a channel of communication between residents and the wide-range of agencies that oversee and manage fisheries in western Alaska. More importantly, BSFA supports the capacity of residents to actively engage in the management and development of their own fisheries. BSFA does not “represent” the interests of our communities we “serve” their interests by engaging and supporting residents to bring the ideas and needs of western Alaska to state, federal and international forums.

Fact Sheet 3 Advocacy & Responsible Stewardship

Empowering Communities

The fishery resources of Alaska are critical to the survival of the communities we serve but without active participation by the residents our efforts are moot. BSFA engages in research, monitoring and management of our fisheries to ensure the continuance of these resources for future generations for the communities we serve. The health and abundance of our fishery resources is of the utmost importance and BSFA works to protect our wild resources and the habitats upon which they depend.

Fact Sheet 4 Empowering Communities

Monitoring Salmon

BSFA fosters fishery research and monitoring projects to advance information for management of Alaska’s fisheries. For many years BSFA has supported in-region monitoring of salmon returns in partnership with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In addition to strictly monitoring salmon, BSFA promotes research to understand the variations in salmon populations by way of cooperating with state, federal and international partners to discuss and seek ways to further ecosystem based management in order to realize the potential of current fisheries. Providing guidance and support to our state and federal partners is essential as we recognize that more information is necessary in order to ensure sustainable fisheries.

Fact Sheet 5 Monitoring Salmon

Information Sharing

BSFA agrees with the statement that “information is useless if we keep it to ourselves” (Bob Aloysius, 2007). Keeping on top of the issues of the day is critically important. BSFA provides an opportunity to keep residents of our communities informed of the latest state, federal and international discussions of today. Providing a bridge of communication from and to western Alaska has been a necessary and important aspect of our work. BSFA has had the unique opportunity in western Alaska not only to pursue cooperative research and development activities, but to cultivate an atmosphere of information sharing and education within the diverse communities. Important efforts have been launched in Alaska which will go a long way if the information produced by those efforts is effectively disseminated and understood by everyone. Western Alaska’s needs and voices will continue to be heard through the pathway of BSFA.